What's ALA?

Aoba Action Learning Academy (ALA) is a completely new English learning program run by Aoba Japan International School. Classes are held on Saturdays at each campus, where kids from 2 years old up to Elementary, learn English using actions and interactive mediums.

At ALA, we do not offer a paper and pen based learning experience. We design our classes to be very interactive, yet efficient, in order for kids to enjoy learning English along with developing global awareness.


ALA believes that in order for students to build a strong foundation of global awareness and English communication skills, a weekly class of one hour is not sufficient; thus, a half-day class of three hours where students and teachers interact face-to-face is recommended. Being immersed in an English speaking environment for half a day will surely enhance language acquisition.

In order for students to continue practicing English throughout the week, we offer online English content and a wide variety of library books for students to check out and enjoy at home.

We offer three types of programs: Little Kinder (LK), Interactive English (IE), and Little Explorers (LE). These programs are available to students based on age, English level, and content. IE offers four levels based on age and English ability.

Little Kinder

LK Little Kinder

Little Kinder (LK)

English Level: Beginner

Content: Ideal for students who are being exposed to English for the first time and want to learn English in a natural conversational setting.

Age: 2-3 years

Campuses: Meguro, Waseda, Mitaka

Schedule: Saturday Mornings (9:00-10:20)


Lessons involve exciting and topic-based activities that help stimulate children's curiosity. Students will learn vocabulary words and simple phrases based on the topic for the day. Through typical preschool activities, such as music (songs and rhythm) and art (cutting, sticking, gluing, coloring, etc.), conducted in English, students build gross motor and fine motor skills. The many English stories being read in class will surely amuse students and invoke interest in the language.

* It is recommended that students aged 3 attend the IE (Interactive English) Nursery Level class (10: 30-11: 50), in addition to the LK class, so that students may benefit from exposure to English for half a day.

Interactive English

LE Little Explorers

Little Explorers(LE)

English Level: Beginner ~ Intermediate/Advanced, 4 classes available based on age and English level

Content: A focus on five areas of the English language: Phonics, Vocabulary, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.

Age: 3 years ~ Elementary

Campuses: Meguro, Waseda, Mitaka

Schedule: Saturday Mornings (Nursery - 10:30-11:50, Levels 1, 2, and 3 -9:00-12:00)

*Classes are offered during the week at the Mitaka campus. Please contact us for more information.

**Similar classes are offered at the Shibaura and Harumi campuses. Please contact us for more information.


The IE programs include exciting audio and visual aids using an interactive screen to keep students engaged. Developed for preschoolers to elementary students who learn English as a second language, this program is being used in more than 200 schools, mainly in Asia. Students learn systematically through thematic content that encourages curiosity and active participation.

Four Levels of IE classes are offered - Nursery Level, Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3. Students are placed according to their age and language ability. Ideally, students will advance to the next level after one year.

Online Learning Portal

An online learning portal is available for students to access at home. Parents can visit the site to learn more about what their child learned during the Saturday classes. In addition, students can continue practicing English at home using the online portal during the week.


All IE classes have supporting workbooks. Classes are action-based using an interactive display and these workbooks are supplementary materials. A great way to retain what students learned on Saturday is to go through the workbook during the week and review what they have already learned.

Little Explorers

IE Interactive English

Little Explorers (LE)

English Level: Intermediate and higher

Content: An opportunity for students to learn English through crafts and experiments at the elementary level.

Age: 5 years old ~ Elementary

Campuses: Meguro, Mitaka

Meguro - Saturday Mornings (9:00-12:00)
Mitaka - Saturday Afternoons (1:00-4:00)


This action-based class includes experimenting, exploring, and crafting, all while learning English at the same time. Ideal for former International preschool graduates and students who already speak conversational English, this class focuses on elementary leveled concepts as well as keeping up with English skills.

This program incorporates the elements of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math). This gaining attention as a keyword for learning skills necessary for children in the 21st century.

Each lesson usually lasts one hour and follows the process of:

Curious: A look at the mission for the day and encourages student curiosity
Act: Hands-on activities relating to the lesson's mission
Tell: Reviewing and sharing what each individual learned

Through this Curious-Act-Tell process, students learn academic content embedded in STEAM through action-based activities, all while speaking and interacting in English.

For example, in the Curious stage, the teacher will ask a lot of guiding questions that are open-ended to peak student curiosity. Yes or no answers are kept to a minimum in order to encourage students to speak and practice their English.

With every LE class, students will be assigned a task to complete at home in order to encourage using English during the week.


Summer School

Summer School










At ALA, half-day English immersion programs are the norm. This is because we found that a typical English class that lasts up to an hour a week is not sufficient for students to build English retention capacity in a child's brain. After half a day of being immersed in English, a child's brain gradually begins to create new circuits using the English learned that day. However, this does not mean that students will retain everything they learned after a week lapses without using English. In order to maintain and practice the skills they learned, the following services are available for use at home, free of charge.

Borrowing English Picture Books

Choosing an English picture book that suits your child's development level and English level can be surprisingly difficult. As a result, ALA has selected 100 English picture books for students at each campus (some include audio CDs). Students are encouraged to borrow a book each week to take home and enjoy reading.


Borrowing English Picture Books

Choosing an English picture book that suits your child's development level and English level can be surprisingly difficult. As a result, ALA has selected 100 English picture books for students at each campus (some include audio CDs). Students are encouraged to borrow a book each week to take home and enjoy reading.

Online Books BookFlix

In addition to borrowing books from our library, students and parents have access to Scholastic's online library, BookFLIX, free of charge.

BookFLIX includes over 300 animated online picture books for preschoolers and elementary school students. Many of the books also offer audio tracks. Students are encouraged to use BookFLIX at home to increase exposure to English outside of ALA.

BookFLIX covers a wide variety of themes:
Animals and Nature / Earth and Sky / People and Places / ABC'S and 1,2,3's / Family and Community / Music and Rhyme / Adventure / Celebrations / Imagination

*For optimal quality, it is recommended that BookFLIX be used on a tablet or computer
**About Scholastic - Scholastic is one of the world's largest publishing companies for children's books. Popular series include "Harry Potter", "The Magic School Bus", "Clifford the Big Red Dog", and "I Spy"


Time Table

※Break Time and Lunch Time are only for students who have another class afterward.
※Interactive English (IE) Nursery ends at 11:50 (80 minutes). Interactive English (IE) Levels 1-3 end at 11:55 (175 minutes). 5 minutes is allotted for teachers to communicate with parents.
※In order for students to successfully acquire English, it is highly recommended that younger students (3-4 year olds) attend both Little Kinder (LK) 9:00-10:20 and Interactive English (IE) Nursery 10:30-11:50 classes.
※Little Explorers (LE) is only available at select campuses.

Annual Schedule

48 lessons a year, 4 lessons a month
Classes will usually be held on the first four Saturdays of the months, and the 5th Saturday will be a holiday. However, there may be exceptions to this rule due to National Holidays such as Golden Week. Please refer to this calendar for the scheduled classes.

There will be changes to the number of lessons and lesson fees starting April 2020.




Mitaka Campus

8 minute walk from Mitaka Station
〒181-0013 Shimorejaku 4-15-41 Mitaka, Tokyo

Waseda Campus

5 minute walk from Takadanobaba Station
〒169-0075 Shinjuku ku 1-14-8 Takadanobaba Tokyo

Meguro Campus

12 minute walk from
・Daikanyama Station
・Nakameguro Station
・Shinsen Station
〒153-0042 Aobadai 2-11-5 Meguro Tokyo


Guidelines for Choosing the Right Class

As of April 1st of the current year:

2-3 years, Beginner English Level
→Little Kinder (LK)

3 years and older, Beginner English Level
→Interactive English (IE) Nursery

4 years and older, Beginner English/Less than one year of English exposure
→Interactive English (IE) Level 1

5 years and older, Intermediate English Level/ 1-2 years of English exposure
→Interactive English (IE) Level 2

6 years and older, Advanced English Level/ at least 3 years of English exposure
→Interactive English (IE) Level 3

5 years and older, Intermediate English
Level/desire to learn English through crafts,
experiments, and elementary leveled
→Little Explorers (LE)

Times of Trial Lessons

Little Kinder (LK)
Interactive English (IE) Level 1〜3
9:00 - 10:00

Interactive English (IE) Nursery
10:30 - 11:30

Little Explorers (LE)
9:00~10:00 (Meguro)

Little Kinder (LK) + Interactive English (IE) Nursery
9:00-10:20(LK), 10:30-11:30(IE-N)

IE + LE(Mitaka only)
11:00-12:00(IE), 13:00-14:00(LE)

*If you would like to sign up for multiple trials, please select the option with multiple classes.
*If you would like to discuss which trial is best for your child, please call or email the office.

SEE and LE Selection Guidelines for Intermediate English Learners

The Little Explorers (LE) program and Interactive English (IE) Level 3 are very similar in terms of the English level.
SEE is suitable for improving English skills.
For children who like to learn through experiments and activities, LE is suitable.

Little Explorers (LE) classes are currently available at Meguro (morning only) and Mitaka (afternoon only or a full day course).
We will offer LE at other campuses in the near future.
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.

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